Octahedron •Block Molds

The Octahedron Mold is used to help assemble the Octahedron Kit. We found that the mold has an interesting aesthetic so we designed it to be a compatible building component for the •Block erector set. The octahedron is a well known platonic solid with 8 equilateral triangular faces but it is difficult to assemble because more than 3 faces intersect each vertex, making it unstable until all faces are joined. Having the Octahedron Mold gives the pieces stability during assembly and gluing. Our octahedron •Block Molds come 2 per order along with 2 magnet connectors. This means you can glue the top and bottom halfs of an octahedron and then join them before the glue is fully hardened. The octahedron Molds come ASSEMBLED. You have a choice of unfinished or  4 different wood finishes, Dark Walnut, Cherry, Chocolate and Au Natural. Because of the magnets, our •Blocks are only recommended for individuals 8 and older. The magnets should be kept away from children who might swallow them.

CONTENTS OF EACH PACKAGE: 2 octahedron molds and 2 magnet connectors.

DETAILS: Magnets are 1/4 inch diameter cylinders 1/4 inch long.

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Price: $10.00

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