Octahedron •Blocks

The octahedron is a well known platonic solid with 8 equilateral triangular faces. Our octahedron •Blocks (dot blocks) come 3 per order along with 3 magnet connectors. The octahedrons come ASSEMBLED or in KIT form. For the KIT form we recommend using a building mold pair to help construct the otherwise unstable octahedron. You have a choice of unfinished or  4 different wood finishes, Dark Walnut, Cherry, Chocolate and Au Natural. The kits include 24 triangles, each with a magnetic receptor already glued in place. Water based glue can be used to assemble the kits. Because of the magnets, our •Blocks are only recommended for individuals 8 and older. The magnets should be kept away from children who might swallow them.

CONTENTS OF EACH PACKAGE: 3 octahedrons and 3 magnet connectors.

DETAILS: Triangles are 29 mm (~1.2 inches) along each side. Magnets are 1/4 inch diameter cylinders 1/4 inch long

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Price: from $6.30

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