LA2: Box Divider Designer for Laser Cutter Applications

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The Box Divider Designer software application provides the designer with custom vector format data files (.plt and .svg) to be used to laser cut divider pieces. The user provides the number of rows and columns in the divider as well as cell dimensions and material thickness, laser beam diameter and some additional design parameters. The BoxDivider Designer does the rest and outputs the vector files to cut the components out. It also produces vector files to aid in (1) laying out artwork for engraving and (2) layout for indicating the contents of each cell. As a "Little App" the Box Divider Designer is a single .exe file that does not require installation. Just copy it to the folder you want to run it from. The interface is intuitive but includes built in help buttons and a detailed user manual. We priced Box Divider Designer at our 2 Chai Tea Latte price. And thank you for our morning drink!

Features of Little Applications and in particular LA2 are: 1. Single executable file “LittleApp_BoxDivider.exe” that does not require an installation process. Just copy and paste. 2. You own it but you can’t sell, share or distribute the application (see licensing agreement). 3. The designer specifies the cell sizes and the number of rows and columns of cells. 4. LA2 compensates for beam diameter and allows adjustment for looser or tighter sockets. 5. LA2 produces two types of dividers, (1) a simple rectangular shape and (2) a rectangular shape with finger slots. 6. LA2 two types of dividers can be manually edited to have merged cells and customized finger slots. 7. LA2 stores data in common vector formats HPGL (.plt) and Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg). These formats can be imported into most laser cutters and photo editors. 8. LA2 has built in help documentation. 9. LA2 provides graphic templates in HPGL and SVG to aid in engraving layout or in graphical layout of artwork.


Price: $6.90

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