CE2015: Grow Collector’s Edition

See Grow Video for explanation of game play. Grow is a 3-Dimensional building game where 2-4 players guide the constant growth of a tree and compete by blossoming flowers around it. The game features a simple-to-learn set of rules, ideal for ages 8 years and older. For the more seasoned players, Grow offers a deep level of strategic nuance. We have a limited number of Grow Collector's Edition CE2015 for sale. This game is hand made in the USA and excellent quality.


Most pieces have a long dimension of 2.5” and are about 0.2” thick. Shipping weight is about 7.8 lbs. There are 158 components included with the CE2015 which include 1 wooden box, 1 rule book, 1 event die, 1 base, 2 trunks, 20 branches, 40 leaves, 12 beetles (4 colors), 40 buds (4 colors) and 40 flowers (4 colors).


Price: $80.00

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