Camera Mount Assembly CamMount50Y12D000003

The CamMount50Y12D000003 camera mount assembly is a low cost, light weight, camera mount. It uses four 50mm rounds (AO50Y12Z10D055) as hinges sandwiched between two 25 mm x 100 mm interface plates (SS25X102Y12Z13D001). The elevation angle is locked with support components which include two lever arms (SS13X75Y12Z10D001) and one lever arm lock (SS13X75Y12Z03D001). On each mounting plate the three mounting holes are spaced by 12.6 mm apart and areĀ  6.63 mm diameters (i.e., 0.261 inches). The mounting holes support clearance for 1/4-20 bolts. The lever arms haveĀ holes tapped to fit 8-32 screws.

WARNING: When tightening screws in tapped holes, do not exceed 10 in-Lbs of torque or the threads may strip. This is what most people would call "snug" or "finger-tight. We recommend you search "torque wrench screwdriver" to find a tool that measure torque at 10 in-Lbs level.

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Price: $66.00

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