JUMBO D&D RPG Dice Set (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20)

NEW VERSION: Every dice except D20 have been scaled down slightly to be proportional with everyday dice. Don't worry, they're still plenty big! (Ask for the old version if you still need replacements). x

Never roll small again with this set of JUMBO dice!

Rollable high quality Jumbo dice may be purchased individually ($5 to $10 each) or in a full set ($35). A full set of Large dice is used for role playing games (RPGs). The set includes one D4, one D6, one D8, one single digit D10 (0 to 9), one double digit D10 (00 to 90), one D12 and one D20. They are made from birch ply with approximately distance between opposite faces as D20 (2.8 inches), D12 (2.6 inches), D10 (2.4 inches), D8 (2.4 inches), D6 (2.4 inches) and D4 (2.5 inches high). Set comes in 1 of 4 different finishes which are Dark Walnut, Cherry, Brown and Clear. The dice are hollow inside and have several coats of clear lacquer to protect the outside surface. With a simple hook, they can be used as novel tree ornaments. And the price of the set ($35) is $18 less than purchasing the dice individually.  Shop here! Or we have a store on Etsy.com.