About Us

Huntsbrook, Inc. was formed in 1993 as a consulting company by Jeannie Hunt and Laurence Hassebrook. Consulting led us to developing a series of custom image processing and 3-D scanning machines for a variety of customers.

OKES: During this effort we developed general set of prototyping components to help us. We refer to these components as Optical Kinetic Erector Set (OKES). OKES consists of several families of basic building blocks called components which are used as both optical fixtures and dynamic mechanical systems. They are unified with a common set geometric principals that not only allow for axial and linear connection but also allow for rapid prototype scale reduction.

CORE: In parallel with OKES we have developed a collection of software tools for pattern recognition, image processing, modeling and 3-Dimensional data acquisition. We call this collection our “CORE” library. At present most of our products have been one of a kind but we hope to refine them enough to offer them on line, in the form of prototyping products that customers can either use "as is" or modify for their specific applications.

GROW: In the last few years we have been developing a prototype production process for making a 3-Dimensional strategy board game called “Grow: the organic building gameTM.” We were attracted to producing Grow because it was unique in the game world.  In this regard we believe it is a new genre of board games. And it has had several engineering challenges which included refinement of its connectors and development of its production process.

Over the years we have had the fortune of developing many unique and interesting technologies for our customers and we hope to use the things we have learned to continue this effort.